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Custom Projects

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Domek tiny house


Meet Domek, our flagship Tiny House! 'Domek' or домик, 

means cottage or cabin. Domek was a labour of love as it is our family's personal residence. Domek was our path to alternative home ownership that allowed us to be more environmentally conscious and to interact more closely with our natural environment.


Domek boasts 3 lofts (2 sleeping lofts and one office space), a glass atrium above a bathtub/shower, and an ergonomic and spacious kitchen. It's multi-medium design pairs with it's ability to function both on and off grid.

Pricing for this home starts at $250 000 CAD

Luxury Tiny House on Wheels


Pine Needle

TINY HOUSE 2-12.jpg

Pine Needle

The Pine Needle was created for a single financial planner (see, even they think Tiny Living is smart!) and her dog. The intention was to create a beautiful little home where she  could live rent-free with her dog, and airbnb on the side. With that in mind, the dog's crate was built into the kitchen's peninsula to seamlessly blend practicality with beauty. 

Not to shy away from any other additional built-in storage, the stairs to the raised living room platform include 4' deep drawer boxes both inside and outside, creating an additional 54 cubic feet of storage!  A bump out vanity was included to open the bathroom up, giving additional space for movement and comfort. Not to be forgotten, form did not take a back seat in this build, and it shows through the custom wood siding with all of its angled beauty, to the custom butcherblock waterfall with recessed pot lights to set the mood. 

This home is sure to book up quickly, as soon as it makes its way onto Airbnb


Features Include: 
32' long by 10'6" wide (384sqft total space)
Standing seam steel and Shou Sugi wood exterior  (By DK Woodworks)
Tank-less hot water heater
In floor radiant heat
Built in defrosting and ventilation in front hall closet
Over 40 square feet of countertop space, including bar height dining space.
Custom waterfall butcher block
Appliance garage on counter top
Custom bump out vanity
Built in dog crate and toe kick food storage
Storage in every stair!
Almost 100 cubic feet of hidden storage though-out the house!

Pricing for this home starts at $198 000 CAD

Tiny House on Wheels

Pine Needle

Sherloak Homes

Sherloak Homes Tiny House on Wheels Living Space

Sherloak Homes

Tiny Homes exist to offer a unique solution to the endless roadblocks that life and the modern real estate market have manufactured in creating affordable and sustainable home ownership. Our latest build, the Sherloak Home (get it...SherlOAK), is no exception to this and, in our opinion, offers one of the most practical purposes for a Tiny Home on Wheels. 

The homeowner and co-designer of this Tiny Home is a Canadian Forces member who, as part of his job, has to transfer bases every 3-5 years. By going Tiny he is now able to avoid rent traps or having to buy back into real estate every few years. Instead, when posted to a new base, he just hooks up to his truck and takes his home with him. 

Designed for a single individual, this 372 sqft home packs a lot into a very compact footprint and gives room to grow.

Features Include: 
Solid Oak everywhere and rift sawn white oak walls
Hidden Bookshelf door
2 separate lofts
Loft Net
Deep closet storage
Over 25 sqft of butcher block counter top space, including bar height dining
5' Shower with large format tiles
Hide away toilet
Tank-less Hot water heater
420 L freshwater storage tanks
Built in 3 season porch with skylights
Cherry Woodgrain steel finish and Shou Sugi wood exterior  (By DK Woodworks) 
Storage everywhere!


Pricing for this home starts at $180 000 CAD

Tiny House on Wheels

Sherloak Homes


Tiny House 2-28.jpg


This homeowner's housing situation was altered by the pandemic as their plans to attend law school in England were scrapped. Shifting focus to studies online meant a secure, comfortable and private space for study were a necessity.  While this client had the option to live at home, it didn't feel like the right fit for optimal living situations for everyone.  Finding a compromise with their parents, the idea for a tiny home as a secondary suite on their property was crafted. The real benefit being that when this client was ready to relocate, the tiny home could be repurposed as an income property that could be moved and rented out.

The build of this tiny house features a sprawling bathroom that would catch any designer's eye.  Using standard Ikea cabinetry and closets was a budget option employed to keep costs down for it's future student-owner! Our homeowner also has two dogs included in their family and in this design. To make the bed accessible, but optimize the spacious and bright study space, an elevator bed design was created.

With lots of windows and giant views, 10-foot ceilings throughout, and a bathroom that takes up 30% of the floor plan, we ultimately created a budget priced tiny home that feels like a luxurious downtown condo, without any the hassles or price tag of condo living.

Pricing for this home starts at $135 000 CAD

Tiny House on Wheels


Burning Man

Burning Man Tiny House Schoolie

Burning Man

Our client acquired this prison bus at a state auction and had previously made an attempt at converting it himself. Unfortunately, without the technical knowledge, or the creativity of how to make the space fully functional, he had a skoolie that left a lot to be desired, and was unsafe to occupy. While Acorn does not do conversions, we took this project on as a one off as we were awaiting delivery of our trailer for our next Tiny Home. 

Destined for the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert, This bus was tricked out with a  commercial grade sound system, a fully off grid system (solar and water), courtesy of our in house technical team, and more addressable LED strip lighting than you can shake a stick at! Complete with a fully functional kitchen, a curb free luxury shower, and custom convertible couches this party bus leaves enough space for movement during the day, but can sleep 6-8 after the last drop is poured! 
This steam punk man cave is one of the coolest party mobiles you'll ever run into!

This was a one off project and Acorn does not take on commissions for bus/van conversions. 

Bus Conversion

Burning Man

Pine Needle

Paddock Paradise (29).jpg

Paradise Paddock

Key Features

38' x 10' 6” x 13' 6” on Gooseneck

436 sqft

Sleeps up to 2


  • 13  energy efficient windows, Classic craftsman front door and secondary entrance to provide access to a future covered patio.

  • Mudroom entrance with shoe and coat storage

  • 42” linear gas fireplace with integrated storage mantle, and cat pass through

  • Furrion 3-burner gas oven range and accompanying convection microwave hood fan

  • Huge kitchen with integrated storage throughout, and pull out pantry

  • Over 24 sqft of countertop, with a drop down counter for additional prep space

  • 18” dishwasher built into stairs

  • Master bedroom includes storage bed, and an large wardrobe, built-in dresser with 30 cubic feet of storage, and floor to ceiling shelving

  • 36” tiled shower, stack able washer/drier, and Flush toilet

  • Interior and exterior timberwork

  • White oak and Fir features throughout

  • Wood framed construction with spray foamed insulation, and an exterior insulated layer for continuous insulation that exceeds code requirements

  • 1 ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilator) to ensure healthy air and a healthy home

  • Navien tankless water heater

  • Ductless Minisplit (A/C) with built in heat pump

  • Purpose built and engineered trailer by Kangaroo Trailers

Pricing for this home starts at $230,000

Tiny House on Wheels

Paradise Paddock

Office Bunkie

tiny home -12.jpg

Purple Heart Manor

The Purple Heart Manor is a custom designed, luxury Tiny Home on Wheels, that accepted no compromise when working towards achieving our homeowners vision for their dream home. Inspired by her love of Med-evil literature, the colour purple, and her cat; this unique home truly raises the bar for how comfortable Tiny Home living can be. 

43' long (35' +  8' Goose-neck), by 10' 6” wide Tiny Home trailer
Unique sweeping W roof line which allows for improved rain water collection
Custom made, solid mahogany, 8' tall arched out-swing door with custom made stained glass insert
11 Triple glazed windows plus skylight (all operable) 
Custom made and thermosealed, arched stained glass window with Purple Heart frame and built in colour adjustable LED lights
Stained maple cabinets with solid maple shaker doors with custom mixed colour
Wrap around rolling library ladder that serves dual purpose for loft access
Lime-washed wall paneling throughout
Rustic purple pine ceiling
Dedicated mudroom with velvet seat, massive amounts of storage, toe kick drawers for cat food storage, and hidden litter box access

-Luxury spa bathroom with 5' slipper tub and rain fall shower, 
-Japanese toilet with bidet, heated seated, and warm air dryer
-Built in wardrobe with laundry storage, washer/dryer, hanging storage, linen closet, and 3 super deep drawers
-Elegant vanity with purple glass vessel sink
- Additional counter-top at lowered height for dedicated makeup station
-Custom made preserved moss wall

-Off-grid retro appliances (solar fridge, D/C powered gas range)
36” wide purple cast iron sink
-Built in Dishwasher drawer
Custom stained purple Shou Sugi Ban cabinet doors
-Pull out pantry
-Dedicated tea station with floating shelves to 
-Luxury imported purple glass and ceramic tile

Living Room:
Custom made purple velvet chesterfield couch with double pullout bed.
Floor to ceiling bookshelves with library ladder
Dedicated gaming station
Dedicated deck with lateral swing doors (to allow for foot rest) and keyboard drawer
Drop down dining table and activities station
Cat Rope Bridge
Cat sitting bubble
Custom made chandelier

Accessible by extra wide stairs with built in storage throughout
Custom made, queen sized lift up storage bed ,with additional drawers
Stained glass bedside sconces
Feature med-evil castle rotunda, and purple terrazzo, wallpaper

Space for queen size guest bed
Hanging and and drawer space
Built in desk and nightstand
Provides cat door access for Catio

Ghostwood, ethically harvest, wood siding
Faux stone siding (+R5 value)!
Catio (Cat patio!) with exterior accessible maintenance door and floor drain

Solar (You'll need to get these details from Josh)
Hydronic in floor, radiant heating throughout the home
Tankless water heater
Two A/C and heat pump units located in bedroom and living room
Sewer/septic hookups


Price as built is $370 000 CAD

Luxury Tiny House on Wheels 

Purple Heart Manor

Office Bunkie


Office Bunkie

This client had a wonderfully sized garage in their back yard that they were hoping to turn into a mixed-use space of office meets skate park meets tiny home. The client needed this space because of both allergies and work. With cats in the main house, they needed a space where they could breathe freely, and since they worked in sound production, they also needed a space that was sound proofed.


Unfortunately, there were some serious structural issues with the existing garage and it had to be demolished and replaced, so we ultimately decided on an affordable, four-season, bunkie. Additionally, one of the clients' goals was to be as eco-friendly as possible with the build, and so we salvaged lumber from the old structure to use as finishing material. For the sound proofing we also used a Canadian made recycled wood fibre product, which deadens the sound so well that you can “hear the silence”. With the main floor being a modular open floor plan where our client could record their work and practice their freestyle skate skills, and a small but cozy loft where they could meditate and rest, we ended up packing a whole lot of home into a 10x10 structure.

Tiny Office Space

Office Bunkie

Bear Den



The Swansons are a young international family that have traveled and worked overseas for years as translators. Now with a young child, this family has decided to plant their roots (but shallow roots; they are living in a Tiny House on Wheels after all) and spend more time working on their family, and the land. Now a restorative farmer, this home owner is helping cultivate the land and their families future.


This home is named after their son Cedar

Designed as a partial shell, this home was a budget conscious build that allowed the home owners to paint and complete the interior finishes themselves, but didn't scrimp where it mattered. 

This home features:

-32' Tiny Home Trailer (430 sqft)

- Premium infloor radiant heating (included heated bathroom walls)
- Tankless hotwater heater

- Custom ash kitchen cabinets

- Custom Concrete countertop with undermount sink

- Cedar exterior walls

- 5' Bathtub with tiled walls

- Custom ash babygate with louvres 

- 2 lofts (1 sleeping, one designed as a office/tea cermony room)



Pricing for this home starts at $158 000 CAD

Tiny House on Wheels - minimal build


More coming soon...
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