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A foundation garden suite starting at $149,000 CAD

Sakura ('Cherry Blossom' in Japanese) borrows from Japanese tiny living culture to provide you with a turn-key home that is efficient and compact while still being comfortably livable. It's the perfect 'pop n play' model for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact, age in place, downsize, or rent while in school. 

Key Features

21.5' x 10.5'    
225sqft of livable space
Super compact design

Sleeps two comfortably (can fit an additional 2 guests)
Foundation only home

Sakura Aerial Bed Open Overhead.jpeg
Sakura Aerial Tables Open Overhead.jpeg
Interior Full Closed Kitchen.jpg
Interior Kitchen Open.jpg
Interior Bed Open.jpg
Interior Full Living Space.jpg
Interior Closed Kitchen.jpg
Interior Kitchen Open(1).jpg
Interior Living Space Desk Closed.jpg
Interior Living Space Couch _ Desk.jpg
Interior Bathroom _ Appliances.jpg
Interior Bathroom.jpg
Interior Bathroom Sunroof.jpeg
Exterior Closeup angle.jpeg
Exterior Wide Shot.jpg
Exterior angle.jpg
Sakura Floorplan.jpg
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