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Meet Domek, our flagship Tiny House! 'Domek' or домик, means cottage or cabin. Domek was a labour of love as it is our family's personal residence. Domek was our path to alternative home ownership that allowed us to be more environmentally conscious and to interact more closely with our natural environment. Domek boasts 3 lofts (2 sleeping lofts and one office space), a glass atrium above a bathtub/shower, and an ergonomic and spacious kitchen. It's multi-medium design pairs with it's ability to function both on and off grid. We welcome you to our home for tours, please message us to book! 


This homeowner's housing situation was altered by the pandemic as their plans to attend law school in England were scrapped. Shifting focus to studies online meant a secure, comfortable and private space for study were a necessity.  While this client had the option to live at home, it didn't feel like the right fit for optimal living situations for everyone.  Finding a compromise with their parents, the idea for a tiny home as a secondary suite on their property was crafted. The real benefit being that when this client was ready to relocate, the tiny home could be repurposed as an income property that could be moved and rented out.

The build of this tiny house features a sprawling bathroom that would catch any designer's eye.  Using standard Ikea cabinetry and closets was a budget option employed to keep costs down for it's future student-owner! Our homeowner also has two dogs included in their family and in this design. To make the bed accessible, but optimize the spacious and bright study space, an elevator bed design was created.

With lots of windows and giant views, 10-foot ceilings throughout, and a bathroom that takes up 30% of the floor plan, we ultimately created a budget priced tiny home that feels like a luxurious downtown condo, without any the hassles or price tag of condo living.

Office Bunkie

This client had a wonderfully sized garage in their back yard that they were hoping to turn into a mixed-use space of office meets skate park meets tiny home. The client needed this space because of both allergies and work. With cats in the main house, they needed a space where they could breathe freely, and since they worked in sound production, they also needed a space that was sound proofed.


Unfortunately, there were some serious structural issues with the existing garage and it had to be demolished and replaced, so we ultimately decided on an affordable, four-season, bunkie. Additionally, one of the clients' goals was to be as eco-friendly as possible with the build, and so we salvaged lumber from the old structure to use as finishing material. For the sound proofing we also used a Canadian made recycled wood fibre product, which deadens the sound so well that you can “hear the silence”. With the main floor being a modular open floor plan where our client could record their work and practice their freestyle skate skills, and a small but cozy loft where they could meditate and rest, we ended up packing a whole lot of home into a 10x10 structure.

Bear Den

This isn't a home that we designed, but Acorn was contracted by another Hamilton based tiny house company to build this customers home. We built this oversized tiny for a single mother in Washington, DC that wanted an eclectic and affordable home. Because of accessibility concerns we built her a custom sized Murphy bed, which gave us a massively open main floor. We also built a loft to provide a sleeping space for her daughter that visited on weekends.

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