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Living more energy efficient is one of the primary reason for many who opt for the Tiny Home Lifestyle.


This means utilizing alternative power generation and storage solutions like photovoltaic cells (solar panels), wind generation, natural gas/propane, water generators, and battery storage.


There are many factors that contribute to the proper engineering of an energy efficient off-grid system that won’t prohibitively inflate cost.  A full understanding of the use of your tiny home, your lifestyle, work and play habits, comfort & noise level, required vs desired appliances, availability of resources, technical knowhow, backup solutions, off-grid readiness & retention, size & design of roof and/or ground real-estate, and even location & climate are all major aspects that go into our fully customized off-grid system designs.


Lastly, we discuss if you want a more active role in the operation and maintenance or would prefer a completely autonomous system.

Off-Grid Power Design Package

  • Pricing includes: Consultation with Acorn’s low-volt expert, a customized power budget that lists and analyzes all electrical usage, a system breakdown that provides analysis of alternative power generation and storage, a list of all required hardware & devices, and total cost of installation.

  • There is no commitment to have Acorn do the installation.  You are welcome to take these designs to any other builder, or for a DIY.  However, if you do choose to have Acorn perform the installation, a 50% credit of the design cost will go towards the installation, as well as having ongoing system support from Acorn’s team.  If you choose to build your tiny home with Acorn as well, we will be able to factor in the off-grid system into the overall design of your tiny home for a more seamless, discreet, and fully integrated solution.

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