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Tiny Home, Big Holiday Spirit: Celebrating the Season in a Small Space

The holiday season is a special time of year that brings family and friends together to celebrate. For those living in tiny homes, the idea of celebrating the holidays may seem daunting. However, there are plenty of ways to bring the joy and spirit of the season into your tiny home and create lasting memories with your loved ones. From creative decorations to cozy gatherings, we'll give you some ideas for celebrating the holidays in a tiny home that will bring the big holiday spirit without needing a lot of space!


Tiny doesn't have to mean 'less'

This holiday season, a tiny house Christmas doesn't have to mean less of the festive feeling. In fact, celebrating the holidays in a small space can be just as magical and meaningful as it would be in a larger home.

A tiny house Christmas allows you to get creative with your decorations. Choose a few meaningful pieces that you can easily transport or store away when the holidays are over. You may want to opt for a miniature Christmas tree that can fit into a corner of your tiny home, hung with some special ornaments. String up some festive lights for a touch of twinkle, and add a cozy blanket for extra warmth.

Remember that the holiday spirit isn't defined by how much decoration you can fit into your tiny house. Take the time to enjoy quality moments together with friends and family. Make a cup of hot cocoa, listen to Christmas carols, play a game, or curl up with a good book. These simple activities will make your holidays even more special, no matter how much room you have to work with.


Play with Lighting

Bring the holiday spirit into your tiny house this year! One of the easiest and most effective ways to get into the festive mood is to play with lighting. Using real or electronic candles can add a cozy glow (think windowsills), while RGB lights can bring the colours of Christmas into your home. RGB colour pucks are a cost-effective way to add a special touch to your tiny house Christmas. Place a few in strategic locations (such as behind furniture), and you’ll have your very own winter wonderland in no time. With a little bit of strategic lighting you can create an inviting atmosphere for a truly memorable holiday season!


Try going 'au natural'

Making a tiny house 'holiday special' doesn't have to be difficult. By utilizing natural materials, you can create a festive atmosphere without having to store large decorations. You can make popcorn, cranberry and greenery garlands, bake cookie ornaments, or make your own with pinecones, dried citrus and other nature-inspired items. Plus, the process of making these items is a great way to connect with friends and family during the holiday season and make new traditions! So don't let a lack of space stop you from having a special tiny house Christmas. Get creative and make the most out of this festive season!


Follow your nose!

Scent is such an important part of the holidays! Lighting a pine-scented candle or simmering a cinnamon orange potpourri can quickly fill your space with the comforting smells of the season and evoke memories of holidays past. The bonus? Since your tiny house is so small, a little scent goes a long way!

Candles, incense, essential oils, simmer pots, and cooking are all great options for bringing the spirit of the holiday season into your tiny house.


Don't forget outside!

In a tiny house, you start to begin to think of your outdoor space as 'part of your home'. Reconnecting with nature is almost always one of the reasons why tiny home owners went tiny.

So don't forget to decorate your outdoor space. Bonus: it's a small house and very easy and cheap to decorate!

Think lights and garland. What can you do with your windows? Have you consider outdoor projections to give you place that holiday feel? There are endless possibilities when it comes to making the most of your tiny house's outdoor space.


With a little bit of creativity and effort, a tiny house Christmas can be just as warm and wonderful as any other size home. Celebrate the joy of the season with friends, family, and an open heart - tiny or not!

If you are living in a tiny house this holiday season, send us your tiny home holiday decor photos! We'd love to see what inspired your festive spirits!


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