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Pros & Cons Of Going Tiny

This month we are talking Pros & Cons!

Here at Acorn Tiny Homes we like to be practical and realistic with our clients and that includes sharing some of the downsides that come with going tiny.

We want your new tiny life to be a great success and that means understanding the full scope of tiny living before you get there!

So let's dive right in and give you some things to consider!



Keeping It Green!

Going tiny helps lower your footprint on this earth by reducing the amount of building materials, giving more opportunities for up-cycling and reducing the amount of utilities needed. It also provides you the opportunity to integrate many eco-friendly building techniques into your home from the ground up!


Less Space

Going tiny does require a few sacrifices and one of those is usually storage space and overall floorspace. These can still be accommodated for in the design phase of the build process. Let us know what is important to you and we'll work with you to make it fit. Smart design = smart storage solutions.


Cheaper Housing Solution

Less House! Less money to build and up-keep! Less building costs! Win win!


The Toilet

At Acorn one of the toilets we like to use is a Nature's Head compostable toilet as it does not require any plumbing or drainage (allowing you to be sewage off-grid ready!). But that means the responsibility falls onto you to discard of your own waste. For many people, this is an acceptable compromise to live in a more sustainable way. If this truly isn't a compromise you're will to make, ask us about an incinerator toilet instead!


Completely Custom

Here at Acorn we invest our time into our clients and strive to create YOUR dream home for YOU! The first step in our build process is a one-on-one with you so that we can discover who you are, what your dream future looks like, what's important to you. Then we start designing!

We don't make you fit into the box, we make the box fit you!


More Maintenance

Living tiny does mean a more frequent cleaning and maintenance schedule. You'll need to check your air filters, check for ground levelling, emptying your own waste, and tidy more frequently to keep the small space clean, etc. (The good news? All of this takes way less time when done more frequently!)


Realizing What You Have

One of the side benefits of downsizing is that you realize what is truly essential to you and your life! From personal experience we can tell you that you'll find yourself buying less, appreciating what you have more and making room for memories instead of things!


It takes Create Thinking and Compromise to Expand your Family

Having multiple children in a small space can lead to many a rambunctious morning! With a reduced living space, there is less interior to run around inside and the winter months may prove to be tiresome. One awesome solution? Add tiny 'pods' on to your build as your family grows to create a division of living space and to give yourself somewhere to expand if you find you have teenagers asking for more privacy, an 8-year old who just learned to play the recorder, or even a spouse who is all about binge watching (when you're not).


Ability To Relocate

Acorn Tiny Homes likes to focus our builds on trailers to make it easy for our clients to move freely at their leisure! Does this mean you have to build for a 'nomadic' life? Nope!

In an uncertain world. it is nice to know that if you have to relocate, your whole home comes with you!


Difficult To Re-Arrange

Once a design is made it might prove difficult to re-arrange the furniture in you tiny home simply because the home is designed to maximize functionality!


Keeps You Clean & Organized

With small hallways or small counter tops it forces you to clean up after yourself to keep your space neat and clean. The good news is, it usually only takes 10 minutes to clean your entire living space!

With limited space comes limited clutter!


And one more for the road: They Look Cool

You have to admit a well designed tiny home would be the talk of the town when it first hits your streets! (We might be biased though)

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