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Our Tiny Living Inspirations

We want to share with you how we at Acorn Tiny Homes got completely invested into the tiny house nation!

Have you ever thought about how much you are consuming whether it be purchased goods or utilities when living in a standard sized home? Downsizing to a tiny will limit that consumption and will lower your carbon footprint. In fact you can almost cut your carbon footprint in HALF when downsizing to a tiny. (Tiny House owners reduce their ecological footprint by 45%*) There are even options to go completely off grid that can help increase that percentage even more drastically!

The minimalist lifestyle was another factor that turned our heads to tiny living! We live in a world with So. Much. Stuff! Everywhere you go, from advertisements on your phone to endless amounts of stores where you could spend a week's worth of pay in seconds, everyone is competing for your time and money (yay capitalism!). But when you move into a tiny you really have to limit what is brought into your home. You begin to realize that you don't need that second blender just for smoothies, or that maybe having 3 pairs of tongs in your utensil drawer is overkill. The things that are most important will start to shine through and you become able to really appreciate what you do have (and what you don't really 'need').

Given the above reasons for going tiny, we started to explore to find inspiration in our life around us. We looked for examples of people who were doing what we thought we wanted to do. We found a few incredible examples that inspired us to be the creative,

innovative, and energetic team that we are today and we wanted to share them with you!

The first company that lit our fire and gave us a bar to reach for is a tiny home builder out in the Albertan countryside. Fritz Tiny Homes builds tiny homes with true craftsmanship that always pushes the boundaries of what can be done. They are not only one of the industry leaders in Canada, they are also willing to share the information they've curated through different platforms. We recommend checking out their FAQ section on their website or their podcasts focusing on tiny living. The values they have created for themselves are a good standard to strive for and here at Acorn that's exactly what we are doing.

Living Big In A Tiny House is a YouTube channel that has fueled our ideas and given us the motivational boost we need day in and day out. The channel features families living in tiny homes, ranging in style from treehouses to shipping containers, and gives them a platform to show off their alternative housing solutions! They broadcast a wide range of different tiny living styles for different lifestyles. If you give them a quick google search, you'll find a website chalk full of articles on tiny living. From transforming furniture into multi-functional pieces that optimize your small space to simple questions like, "where do I park my tiny?"

We believe going tiny is a possibility for everyone, but at the end of the day, the living situation that works the best for you is up to you! We would highly recommend giving the above mentioned resources a glance, whether you're already firmly part of the 'Tiny House Nation', you've only just begun to consider alternative housing solutions, or your tiny dream is a distant star in the future. They offer some valuable insight into the realities of the lifestyle change tiny living presents and perhaps they can fuel your dreams a little bit too!

If you still have questions or want to start to get specific, give us a call or send us an email, we'd love to help you make your dreams a reality!

*Based on a 2019 study of 80 subjects in the USA who had downsized to tiny houses averaging 400 sqft


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