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Embracing Tiny Bliss: Our Journey to Affordable Freedom in our Livable/Lovable Tiny Home!

I love my tiny house!

family in front of tiny home
Olivia, D'Arcy and Osiris in front of Domek

People ask me how I do it?

Similar as living in an apartment or condo if you think about it. Small living isn't a new concept, especially in other high-density cities.

I began my interest with Tiny homes on the usual youtube journey.  I adored the personality and functional ingenuity of these homes, I appreciated the opportunity of freedom it could provide. I subscribed to a pro-environment and minimalist mindset, and saw how tiny homes fit within these this areas.

I then looked at my own life and my needs.  I was recently out of naturopathic medical school, with huge student debt and starting life as an entrepreneur. Housing prospects were out of the question, and the rental market was just getting more expensive, for less room.  When my husband and I got pregnant, we knew we had to make the leap!  We knew we were less likely to build it ourselves with a kiddo around — my husband at the time was working for another tiny house company, so we knew we could safely build one ourselves.  I wanted to be closer to family support and city subsidized daycares while my business was growing (this was before $10 daycare was a thing!) so we parked it in my parents yard in Mississauga.  At the time we were boundary pushes, but now Mississauga and other cities are inviting additional dwelling units (ADU's) on properties as solutions to the housing crisis, and governments are moving to help with tax rebates.

Creating a livable/lovable tiny home

Our youtube research gave us a list of zillion things we wanted in our tiny home.  It was so exciting to customize and mold our own home.   Some of the choices we made were luxury items that became affordable with the smaller footprint!  Some of the choices we made to save money, ended up not working (Mistakes we made when going Tiny!)

What we understood quickly, was that if we wanted Tiny House Living to be our plan for at least the next 10 years, if not forever (yes that’s how much it works for us!) , there needed to be space and storage for a full life.

Today my company is growing, I’m surviving the rising cost of living while paying down my debt and saving for my family’s future.

Team of Doulas
Your Downtown Doula

 We travel, camp, go to concerts and live just like everyone else. 

My son gets to see his grandparents often (which also means a bilingual opportunity!), and I am close by to help my parents as they age in place. Technically we do own our own home. Isn’t this the dream?  Moving to a tiny house is what allowed us to reach it, and what will continue to help us as we move forward.  We think this movement will allow many others to benefit from the opportunities that living tiny provides! We loved our experience so much - we started Acorn Tiny Homes! 

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